Scaling up processes and equipment

How does ARD help innovations quickly reach full-scale production?

 Industrialisation des procédés

Going from an idea to a finished product; that's the challenge that ARD faces every day helping project sponsors get from the laboratory to the demonstration plant. Specialising in scaling up innovative processes in the field of industrial biotechnologies to reach commercial operation, ARD contributes to the technical and economic viability of many projects.

The difficulty with scaling up innovative processes

Lack of financial support, immature processes or inadequate industrial trials, there are a multitude of reasons why so many innovations don't reach the final consumer. For a start-up to succeed, project sponsors and manufacturers have realized the need for a scale-up approach, which allows them to accumulate the technical and human resources they will need before the start of full-scale production.

How ARD operates in this process

Thanks to its numerous services and equipment, ARD is capable of testing and approving processes and then adapting them to full-scale production. ARD provides step-by-step support to any business entity that wants to accelerate the scale up of their innovations and ensure a viable and sustainable manufacturing operation.

The equipment for successful scale up

Value creation is central to ARD's strategy. As an environmental, plant fractionation, and industrial biotechnologies expert, ARD has all the equipment needed for developing a full-scale manufacturing operation. Its "fractionation/purification" team uses the right purification techniques to turn whole plants as well as agricultural by-products into molecules that find uses in a variety of industries. Its biotechnology laboratory scales fermentation processes up to the industrial demonstration plant stage. Named BioDémo, this demonstration platform, which fills nearly 3,000 m², is used for testing the full-scale production of products whose bioprocess have been tested at the pilot stage.

Du labo au scale