ARD's areas of expertise

Since its creation, ARD has established several areas of expertise in adding value to crops:


  • Industrial biotechnology

The production of new compounds or products (plant health products, cosmetics, food industry, etc.) from plants and microorganisms is now possible thanks to the development of biotechnology.
From the identification of a strain of bacteria to large-scale fermentation (Biodemo) and the pilot plant in between, ARD has all the facilities required for the large-scale purification and production of bio-based molecules (biopolymers, succinic acid, DHA, etc.).
This cutting-edge equipment can also enable companies to speed up their products' time to market.

  • Bioinputs

Solutions for excellence in farming: Screening, development, formulation of microorganisms, field trials, and industrial scale-up of production.

Plant extraction

Over time, this age-old practice has become more complex and technology-intense, requiring specific cutting-edge equipment to extract the desired active ingredients from plants.
From the production of substrates to the isolation of natural substances, processing fermentation must (DSP) and biorefining, ARD's teams have in-depth knowledge of all the processes needed to produce valuable molecules at different scales.

Green chemistry

Closely related to white biotechnology, green chemistry (or plant chemistry) can be used to produce synthetic molecules from a biodegradable and renewable source: plants. Its aim is to replace many fossil fuel-based molecules in order to produce new compounds for use in cosmetics, agro-industry (bioplastics), civil engineering, and detergents with the production of alternative solvents.

Our services

With recognised expertise in the biotechnology sector – from plant fractionation to chemistry – ARD helps companies and start-ups to develop unique processes and test and scale them up using its wide range of equipment.
ARD's teams can also do pre-production runs, or analyse raw materials and products (analysis team).
In order to meet the demand for sustainability that many companies are currently confronted with, ARD's environmental team can also analyse and monitor the environmental impact (atmospheric, eco-toxicity, biodegradability, etc.) of their customer's activity.