ARD's commitment to corporate social responsibility


ARD has chosen to commit to a truly socially responsible policy that focuses on the company's four key values. More than just a concept, for ARD it's about anticipating and working towards a long-term vision where sustainable innovation has its place.

Innovating for healthy food that preserves our resources

By 2050, the world will have to feed approximately 9 billion people; consumers who are increasingly demanding about the quality of the food they eat. Creating value from biomass is a long-term solution to this demand. Thanks to innovative techniques, it's now possible to make new products used in the food industry exclusively from plant resources.
Plants and agricultural by-products are also a renewable raw material of choice for the production of biofuels, which provide a viable alternative to the use of polluting fossil fuels.
In terms of the process and the finished product – in food and non-food applications – ARD is committed to stringent control quality and ensuring optimum food safety standards.

Promoting patient capitalism

To create a sustainable bioeconomy, we must be able to take into account the environmental stakes while being capable of satisfying the numerous economic constraints (national, European, and global), constantly changing European regulations, as well as market volatility.
In an often strained economic environment, ARD undertakes to comply with a certain number of ethical principles such as fair practices (compliance with competition law, the fight against corruption, etc.), while taking into account the expectations of all stakeholders and sharing the added value.

Being close to our people and nurturing their talent

ARD's history is deeply intertwined with that of the men and women who make up the company. As such, promoting well-being in the workplace and constantly monitoring health and safety conditions is one of ARD's priorities and the company has set itself the objective of 0 accidents for 2020. Safety standards have been established in a charter, which is known and applied by all at every level of the company. Promoting communication within the company, vigilance and care for oneself and others, it improves quality of life at work for all.
Encouraging diversity and developing talent and skills thanks to training are also avenues that will allow ARD to grow in the long term.

Contributing to the development of the regions ARD operates in

For ARD, sustainable innovation is one of the best solutions to the environmental challenges society faces. The land and the regions in which ARD operates are a source of wealth that it is possible to utilise while improving the company’s environmental footprint. By choosing to work with local companies, by being involved in the local community, and by developing agricultural and industrial know-how, ARD has risen to the challenge of making its region more attractive.



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