Specialising in industrial biotechnologies, plant chemistry and fractionation since 1989, ARD is constantly looking for innovate ways to add value to crops. Based at the heart of France’s Grand-Est region, ARD is expanding nationally and internationally on many high-potential markets thanks to partnerships and a commitment to social responsibility.

ARD's commitments

  • To promote plant-based resources, to create value from the entire plant through new bioprocesses and molecules for food industry and non-food applications.
  • To optimise the production of plant-based materials (1 million tonnes of local wheat processed every year) thereby reducing its carbon footprint while promoting the creation of local jobs (300 jobs created in the last 10 years) thanks to its location at the heart of the Pomacle-Bazancourt site (close to the farmers).
  • To accelerate time to market for innovations, ARD provides its expertise and equipment (from the laboratory stage to the industrial demonstrator) to start-ups and companies, while developing its own projects (18 patents filed in the last 20 years).
  • To provide farming cooperatives with solutions for agricultural excellence through the development of bioinputs.

More and more partners creating opportunities
in different markets

ARD is an active member of the IAR competitive cluster. Devoted to plant-based products and biorefining, this global industrial cluster has nearly 400 members including companies, start-ups, SMEs, large groups, R&D centres, universities, investors, public partners, and food processing groups like Vivescia and Cristal Union.

Working alongside ARD to promote the sustainable use of plant-based resources, they are contributing to the emergence of new molecules, new products, and thus, new companies in industries ranging from food processing, cosmetics, plant health products, and the bioinput sector. As well as biofuels, which are well established as an alternative to fossil fuels, it is now possible to produce plant-based plastics, biopesticides, and 100% natural cosmetic active ingredients.

A CSR policy that reflects ARD's values

  • Aware of current and future environmental and societal challenges, ARD is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture, and developing innovative processes and high-quality bio-based products.
  • A socially aware and ambitious HR policy that promotes diversity, equality, well-being in the workplace, and access to training for employees to develop their skills.
  • A policy (CARE) that makes health and safety one of the company's key priorities. We have an ambitious objective: to reach zero accidents.
  • To promote the wealth of natural resources in the region ARD is based in, to get involved in the local community, and to create jobs there.
  • To create a sustainable bioeconomy that takes fair practices and certain ethical principles into account.