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Presentation of ARD's range of services

ARD is an open R&D centre that operates in the fields of plant fractionation, white biotechnologies, and plant chemistry. ARD's five areas of expertise and specific equipment, located on its site in the heart of the Pomacle/Bazancourt bio-refinery and in partnership with the IAR competitive cluster, enables us to support innovative companies looking for reliable and profitable by bioprocesses.

The development of processes

Whether it be new molecules for the cosmetics industry, new ingredients for the food industry, or a new detergent, every project requires specific operational conditions and the right technical recommendations in order to scale production up. Although process modelling is an important preliminary step, it is then followed by a unique process of unit operations that must result in the desired molecule or product at pilot and demonstration scale. It is both by determining this innovative process and by testing large-scale production that ARD became an expert in consultancy in scaling up production.

Scale-Up: Getting processes ready for commercial operation

For innovative companies, developing a full-scale production process implies having a certain production capacity, which is not always the case. From the extraction and purification of plant proteins, to the creation and optimisation of fermentation or green chemistry processes, ARD provides start-ups and manufacturers with modular equipment that enables them to scale up from laboratory trials to pilot production.

Bespoke production

The creation of a reliable and profitable production process is often long and costly because it requires a wide variety of dedicated equipment. For project sponsors, this represents a risky stage for the future of their project and their company.
Testing and approving the best process thanks to ARD's expertise enables start-ups to soon be able to produce trial runs safely from a technical, regulatory, and financial standpoint.

Analytical development

Scaling up a process to a commercial operation also requires many phases and, therefore, analytical techniques. From the analysis of the raw materials to be used to that of finished products to ensure their compliance, a lot of cutting-edge equipment is required. ARD masters all standardised analytical methods and can also, depending on your needs, create specific methodologies to meet the needs of complex plant compounds.


ARD's team provides many services for industrial bioeconomy, internally and externally, with a concern for the environment. The team can, among other things, evaluate the characteristics of a product (biodegradability, eco-toxicity, or potential for anaerobic digestion, etc.) and its environmental impact.
Thanks to numerous standardised or bespoke tests designed by the engineers of ARD, companies can analyse and then improve the environmental footprints of their processes.

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