How does the contract manufacturing offered by ARD set it apart from the competition?

In order to meet the needs of project sponsors in biotechnology and green chemistry, ARD provides its expertise and know-how and contract manufacturing using flexible equipment to help scale up their production. In short, it provides customised support.

Customised services for companies

In green chemistry, the food industry, and the cosmetics industry, the production of new molecules and products at commercial scale monopolises a huge amount of human, technical, and technological resources, as well as the development of a specific production process.
ARD's business is to facilitate the emergence of innovative projects, and as such it has chosen to help start-ups and manufacturers by providing its production capacity and technical and economic expertise to help them produce trial runs at a targeted sales price.
These small production runs are made possible thanks to a team of dedicated experts from ARD's different areas of expertise, namely biotechnologies, plant fractionation and purification, plant chemistry, and the environment.

Contract manufacturing, a material need of companies

The launch of a molecule or an innovative product represents a financial risk for the company, whatever its size. From the technical feasibility study to the approval of a reliable full-scale production process and the all stages and tests in between (laboratory, pilot plant, etc.), there is a succession of steps that must all be correctly evaluated and analysed in order to result in a viable large-scale production process. Aware that risk management is a major challenge for all project initiators, ARD offers bespoke services that enable them to start marketing their products before having their own production capacity, if they so wish.

Examples of customers that have used our contract manufacturing service

Many companies and start-ups benefited from ARD's contract manufacturing services.
Created in 2005, thanks to ARD's know-how and the convergence of expertise within the bio-refinery, BioAmber was the first company to have developed a proprietary technology for the production of plant-based succinic acid to the commercial stage.
In green chemistry, ARD's experts developed an innovative ranged of bio-based surfactants that led to the creation of Wheatoleo. Based on its patented technologies, Wheatoleo markets numerous molecules used in detergents, cosmetics and plant health products, among others. Moreover, Fermentalg joined forces with ARD in order to develop an full-scale production process for microalgae.