Our mission statement

What are ARD's values and purpose?

Notre mission

ARD has a continuous research and innovation policy, and strives to create value from biomass and agricultural resources with food and non-food applications. Its location means it enjoys synergies between the different resources, including from the local farming cooperatives, to create and develop regional bio-based molecules while also promoting sustainable farming practices.

A veritable platform for innovation in the biotechnology industry and green chemistry, ARD wants to develop an integrated approach to bio-refinery in industrial applications. This method creates value from the entire plant, not just from agricultural waste or certain parts of the plant.

ARD's core business since 1989 has been helping companies with research into and scaling up innovative bioprocesses. Thanks to the expertise of its teams and diverse dedicated equipment, ARD can help countless start-ups and companies scale up from the laboratory to commercial-scale production.

Aware of the current and future environmental challenges and economic constraints, ARD – a recognised player in the bioeconomy – develops new bioprocesses and competitive molecules every day for sustainable development and industrial ecology. In a global market in the midst of an ecological transition, this innovation policy allows ARD to help companies in their attempts to improve their value chain, or even to create new innovative, sustainable businesses.