Bespoke production

How does ARD help companies in terms of biotechnology during their market testing phase?

 Production à façon

Aware of the financial stakes of the large-scale production of bioproducts, biotechnology expert, ARD, is capable of adapting to the demands of bespoke productionfor many project initiators and manufacturers.

A high-added-value opportunity for your company

In the field of biotechnologies, the production processes as well asproduction equipment represent major investments in material and human resources for a company. Short project turnaround times can also represent a non-negligible risk for company's viability. ARD supports its customers by giving them access to its experience, its technical know-how, its equipment, and by adapting its industrial production methods, in order to simplify the access to market.

Turnkey know-how

In terms of bespoke production, every start-up, and every company has specific needs. In order to provide the most apposite industrial solutions, ARD conducts unique technical feasibility studies. The versatility of its pilot plants also enables it to determine the most robust and economically viable process, to ensure perfect risk management for the project initiator before planning full-scale production.

Manufacturers that have trusted ARD

ARD has a responsive and effective team of experts capable of developing customized bioprocesses and adapting their production capacity to specific demands.
In the past, ARD has helped to design and build an ethanol production line with Cristal Union's operational teams for their 280,000-tonne capacity plant.
ARD also jointly founded BioAmber with DNP (now BioAmber) and developed the biotechnological production process for succinic acid.
ARD's teams also have an international outlook, and assisted Amyris with trials on ARD's 180m3 fermenter at BioDémo.