How does ARD enable companies to scale up innovative processes?


Proving the feasibility and economic viability of a full-scale production process is an issue for many start-ups and manufacturers. Aware of the technological and economic challenges that project sponsors are confronted with, ARD, as an expert in the field of industrial biotechnologies, provides them with all the resources they need to scale up innovative processes.

1 – Scaling up, a constant need for innovative companies

Although certain companies or start-ups can develop new molecules, few own the equipment needed to check that the large-scale production of their products would be reliable and viable.
Scaling up processes is one of ARD's areas of expertise. This involves several steps. At each step (laboratory, pilot plant, demonstration plant), the process is evaluated, tested and the purification techniques are adapted. Each level of development requires specific equipment, the final one before full-scale production being the demonstration stage.
By having all the different equipment needed for scaling up innovative processes on one site, ARD is capable of supporting project sponsors all the way up to industrial trials.

2 – BioDémo, a key asset in the field of white biotechnologies

BioDémo is the demonstration plant that completes ARD's facilities. Located on the same site as the laboratory, it caps off a coherent research and innovation centre by including full-scale production trials.
This demonstration plant, which operates 24/7, has specific equipment whose size – such as 180 m³ and 350 m³ fermenters – means they can produce the first industrial batches.
By really producing at commercial scale, ARD's demonstration plant enables its customers to accelerate industrial transfer, to approve the feasibility of their processes and to determine exactly what commercial-scale production will cost.