Scaling up green chemistry processes

The industrialisation of innovative processes is a key challenge for successfully negotiating the switch to green chemistry.

 Industrialisation des procédés

In order to help companies and start-ups that want to integrate green chemistry into their industrial processes, ARD gives them access to a great diversity of cutting-edge equipment that facilitates technology transfer towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.

Companies that are becoming aware of green chemistry and its potential have a real need to adopt robust and efficient processes

Many companies are now looking for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel-based products. Aware of the many opportunities in the field of industrial biotechnologies, they want to make this approach part of their production cycles. To get there, these start-ups and innovative companies must first of all ensure that this transition towards green chemistry is technically and economically viable. Carrying out scaling up tests all the way up to industrial trials, thanks to ARD's expertise, enables them to check the feasibility of their project.

How does ARD support innovative companies throughout this transition?

With more than 50 years' expertise in green chemistry, ARD has helped many companies to accelerate their industrial transformation by scaling up bespoke extraction and purification techniques to the industrial scale. This scaling up takes place in several stages – from the laboratory to industrial production in real time with the industrial demonstrator BioDémo – and each stage is evaluated through many conformity tests before its final approval.

ARD's research and production equipment

The industrialisation of innovative processes, such as large-scale sustainable and responsible chemistry, requires several layers of human and technological expertise. To enable its customers to scale-up their processes, ARD can put various sizes of fermenters at their disposal, as well as the different purification equipment. Its vast 2,000 m2 pilot hall, which boasts mobile equipment, allows them to test various combinations in order to optimise each new process before producing the first industrial batches in the BioDémo demonstrator.