Scaling up plant extraction processes

Scaling up innovative processes, a major issue in process development


Successfully scaling up from the laboratory to full-scale production is decisive for the future of start-ups and, more generally, for all those who develop processes for the plant extracts industry. Experts in scaling up, ARD's teams help their customers scale up their innovative processes while ensuring they are viable.

Innovative companies have a real need to prove their ability to scale up their concepts

There are many barriers to innovation, both financial and technological. In the field of plant extraction, the barriers are essentially ensuring that projects can quickly be scaled up from laboratory level to commercial operations. Many start-ups don't have the teams, expertise, or equipment needed for large-scale plant extraction so ARD provides them with the human and technological resources that enable them to realise their projects at a commercial scale.

How does ARD support innovative companies along the value chain

Implementing bespoke processes, testing them at every step of scale up and modifying them when needed in order to optimise them. These are some of the objectives of the specifications ARD's teams use to allow their customers to prove their project’s technical and economic viability. This testing at every stage of scale up allows ARD's customers to limit the financial risks and ensure their procedures are suitable for production in real conditions.

ARD's research and production equipment

The scaling up of innovative processes in plant extraction requires a mastery of many purification techniques, as well as numerous cutting-edge devices. In order to meet the specific needs of each project and to accelerate scale up, ARD has huge premises that allows them to modulate the layout of their equipment upon on demand, to set up and optimise production lines, going from laboratory testing (a few litres), to a micro-pilot (a few dozen litres), to a pilot plant (a few cubic metres), and the BioDémo demonstration plant.