ARD stands in solidarity with healthcare players and companies of the VIVESCIA Group

15,000 liters of hydro-alcoholic solution (WHO protocol) were produced by ARD.  

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, ARD and its subsidiary Wheatoleo - producer of bio-based surfactants, in particular for detergents - have been fully committed to responding to the health emergency and providing support for the production of hydro-alcoholic solution. ARD's production of hydro-alcoholic solution (WHO protocol) was first developed to supply its employees and the VIVESCIA group.

In a context of shortage of hydro-alcoholic gel in France, and following a growing demand from the medical world and public agents of the State guaranteeing our protection and our health, ARD has quickly increased since last week its production and contributed to the national solidarity.

Several tons of hydro-alcoholic solution have already been delivered to hospitals, local gendarmeries, pharmacies, medical centers, fire stations.... ARD plans to increase its current capacity from 5,000 liters per day to 7,000 liters per day.

Many thanks to the teams mobilized to participate in this solidarity operation.