Production technician

Testimonial of Thomas Ricatte - Production technician - Chemistry Department

Do you want to learn more about ARD? Meet one of our production technicians with the chemistry department

My role at ARD

My main role as a production technician in the chemistry department consists in monitoring the production of chemicals and packaging, preparing orders and/or samples, for example. I am, therefore, fully trained to operate all the production equipment available to me. And ARD has a lot of equipment because the company allows its customers to scale up from the laboratory to full-scale production by developing bespoke processes.

In addition to my specific technical skills, I also have the scientific knowledge required to conduct laboratory analyses during production in order to ensure the quality (and quantity) of the products requested. I am also involved in drafting procedures.

Working in a competitiveness cluster is very enriching from an intellectual and technical standpoint, because many innovative industrial solutions see the light of day here. It is also enriching from a personal perspective, because I meet a lot of people, including new arrivals who I need to help and train so they in turn can become technical experts.

 I attach great importance to training new technicians. 

What I like about my job

Innovation is constant on ARD's production site. I am therefore constantly working on new products and new industrial processes. It is highly motivating to be involved in developing a new molecule or a new product at industrial scale.
I also greatly appreciate teamwork. It’s the synergy of all our human and technical expertise that enables us to rise to new challenges every day.  
Likewise, I attach great importance to training new technicians. Passing on technical expertise and know-how is essential for the future of our business. It also allows us to talk, share experiences, and progress.