Testimonial of Jérémy Morgado

Deputy Manager of the industrial demonstration plant

Jeremy MorgadoMeet the Deputy Manager of the industrial demonstration plant, BioDémo

What does your job with ARD entail?

On the BioDémo Plant, I'm in charge of examining and managing new projects, and the defining human and technical resources required for them. This means I work on two complementary aspects of successful projects:

    • The human aspect, with recruitment, scheduling, and management for all production teams. Finding the right candidates, pooling their skills and making sure the teams work well together is vital to projects' success.
    • And the material aspect. Every project is unique. I need to ensure that we have right technical resources. I also deal with starting up new installations and drafting the related procedures. As well as this, there are a few administrative tasks that contribute to the success of the different projects, such as purchasing raw materials and following up supplier invoicing.

If certain projects require specific works, I am also in charge of monitoring the works.

What was your background?

Following a BTS with an internship in a pharmaceutical laboratory (microbiology quality control department), I was first hired in 2002 as a production technician for Soliance, a subsidiary of ARD until June 2014. I soon rose up the ranks to team leader.
In 2009, ARD started preliminary trials on the new biotechnology demonstration plant. That's when I was offered the position of experimental coordinator. It was a great opportunity, which I immediately seized. I was then promoted to technical manager, then deputy production manager, which is still my current role.

How has ARD helped you progress?

I love working as part of the team, being able to talk to and debrief with my colleagues. That's probably why I was driven to a role in management. Working closely with others allows you to work confidently in the best conditions.
I am curious and very committed to my work. I am always trying to improve and learn new things. That's why I really appreciate being able to follow the various training courses that ARD provides. They are highly motivating and allow me to both develop my skills as well as learn about complementary areas of expertise.
It is also the complementarity and proximity between Soliance and ARD that allowed me to transfer quite easily from one company to the other. But that wouldn't have been possible without the trust ARD placed in me, which now allows me to be fulfilled in my work.